Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Long time - no talk but we're back!

Hello everyone!  It's been a long time, but we're still here!  We've been busy, busy, busy at the studio with classes, birthday parties, and special events.  Now spring is here and registration for our summer camps is open!  Here's what we've got going on this summer:

Take a Chill  June 15-17  9am-12:30pm
Ages 4-7.  Come cool off with us as we make our own stuffed penguin pals, banana splits, and lots of cool games and crafts!  $95  

Weird Science  June 22-25  9am-12:30pm
Ages 4-7 and 8-12.  Join us for some gooey, slimey experiments and awesome activities.  We will even create our own edible inventions!  $120
ReClaimed Art - Going Green! Afternoon Artist Colony  1pm-3pm
Ages 8-14.  Express your creativity while recycling, reusing, and reinventing using common everyday materials.  $75

Magic Treehouse Adventure #5-8  July 13-16  9am-12:30pm
Ages 4-7 and 8-12.  We will travel through history as we explore the next set of Magic Treehouse stories and create our own adventures!  $120
Art Through the Ages Afternoon Artist Colony  1pm-3pm
Ages 8-14.  Come explore some of the past Masters of Art while we use their works to inspire our own.  $75

Jungle Fever  July 20-23  9am-12:30pm
Ages 4-7.  Go bananas with us as we make our own stuffed jungle animals and let loose with lots of games and wild activities!  $120
A2Z Survivor  9am-12:30pm
Ages 8-12.  Outwit.  Outplay.  Outlast.  Loads of mindnumbing challenges and extreme activities.  Don't worry, you won't be voted off!  $120
Natural Art Afternoon Artist Colony  1pm-3pm
Ages 8-14.  Let nature inspire your work and even incorporate it into your projects.  $75

Out of the Book!  July 27-30  9am-12:30pm
Ages 4-7.  Join your favorite storybooks as they come alive in the exciting drama camp.  We will create characters, storybook backdrops, and props.  $120
Room ReDo  9am-12:30pm
Ages 8-12.  Bring your roomdimensions and we will map out our dream room using the elements of design and your imagination.  We will even design some accessories to add to your ideal living space.  $120
Wearable Art Afternoon Artist Colony  1pm-3pm
Ages 8-14.  Don't limit your art to canvas.  Express yourself in what you wear!  From head to toe, show the true you.  $75

Backyardigans, Bust a Move!  August 3-6  9am-12:30pm
Ages 4-7.  Music and movement, paint, and pretend.  If your kids like  Backyardigans, they will love this week's camp!  $120
Around the World in 4 Days  9am-12:30pm
Ages 8-12.  We will explore various parts of the world and its different cultures, customs, and traditions through art, games, and food.  $120
Art in Motion Afternoon Artist Colony  1pm-3pm
Ages 8-14.  This week we will be making art that is made to move, like handmade kites and mobiles.  $75

Call now or download a camp registration form and reserve your spot for one of our fun and exciting summer camps!