Monday, April 5, 2010

From Trash to...

Anyone that knows me, knows I like to funk thinks up. Yes, I said it. I like to take something normal or a little drab, and make it funkalicious! I have been totally in the mood lately to get my hands on something, anything!

I was able to talk Mr. Anti-Creative to swing by the local Habitat for Humanity ReStore with me today. I was in Heaven! Him, not so much. There were so many things...the ideas were pouring out of me! I think I may have overwhelmed Mr. Anti-Creative just a bit. I had several things picked out and realized I was not leaving with more than one project. :(

I talked Mr. Anti-Creative into this sturdy, old, solid wood desk.  Our entertainment center has seen better days and is not so stable at the moment. We have an odd family room that has really no wall space, so bigger is not better for us. So, long story short, I am converting this old desk into our new entertainment center.

It has some beautiful moldings, solid wood, original hardware, and tongue-and-groove is in perfect shape. You don't see it? Oh, don't worry, Mr. Anti-Creative, you will. I have already begun and can't wait to finish! Stay tuned! Oh, and I found this really cool silver vase!


Carrie @ Dittle Dattle said...

Can't wait to see how you turn that desk in to a "FuNkY" entertainment center!

Anonymous said...

Michelle, that does look like a quality piece. It will make a good entertainment center. Can't wait to see it once your done.

-Andi Mohan