Tuesday, February 1, 2011

From Drab to Fab - January Creative Challenge

So for my project with a $20 maximum, came in at $18.44. It was a lamp that someone had given us long ago. I had kept it in my basement for ages because I really disliked it (that's really an understatement). I had to buy a new lampshade because I couldn't find one at the thrift store that was the shape I wanted. I'm sure I could have scoured more, But I was still under $20 so I didn't sweat it. So here is what I started with.

Pretty bad, huh? Not to worry. The first thing I did was to give the metal a little rub down with a fine grade sand paper to give it some tooth, then gave it a couple of coats of a red spray primer that was made for metal.

After priming it, I left that to dry for a bit while a freehanded a simplified leaf shape in pencil on the new lampshade. Next, I used thick artist acrylic black paint to fill in the pencil sketch. This was a silk lampshade, so anything too wet will spread. I went back and painted a black border on the top and bottom to give it a bit more punch.

By now, the primer was dry and I gave the base a couple of coats of matte black spray paint.

I then took a copper patina glaze and drybrushed all of the edges and surfaces that would normally show wear, topped it with the new shade and called it a day!

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Ash said...

Love what you did with this lamp. I love seeing transformation projects were not so pretty everyday items are turned into fantastic "I want the world to see this" pieces!
Just joined your Creative Outbursts Blog Frog community!

ArtMuse Dog and Carol said...

Don't ya just love to reinvent something ~ feels so productive ~ hugs and namaste, cz:) (artmusedog) from BlogFrog ~

Kelli @ RTSM said...

Such a great change! I love the shape of the new shade and I really like the black borders you added to the top and bottom!

Jamie said...

That turned out beautiful. I'm your newest follower from frugal Friday's link party. I'm throwing my very first link party tomorrow (Monday). I would love it if you stopped by an added your project.

Melanie said...

What a cute lamp! I love how the shade turned out. Thanks for sharing! I am now a follower.


Its So Very Cheri said...

Very Pretty--I love your lampshade.


Colleen @ MuralMaker&More said...

Love it! Great tutorial! I like the patina on the base, and love the graphic leaves on the shade.

I shared it on StumbleUpon for others to enjoy too!

Amanda said...

Love it! Looks amazing

Colleen @ MuralMaker&More said...

Me, again! Just wanted to let you know I wrote about your shade this morning!

Lauren @ YoungNester said...

This is a great upcycle!