Friday, March 16, 2012

A Touch of Spring Color...

Here is my second table that I finished last week...

I wanted something with a little bit of color. I didn't want to go to extreme because I wanted it to be able to morph into a room for a long time instead of a passing fad. This side table started off in a light oak finish. I painted a base coat of a light gray to blend with the finish. Then, I mixed up a light green color that had a little more blue for coolness to match the green of the season. Of course, I couldn't just stop there. I added the last coat in a warmer yellow green wash for contrast. 

I did some moderate distressing to show all of the colors and added a couple of coats of wax for durability. I just LOVED the finished table. If I had a place for it, I would be keeping this! It looked great everywhere I put it. As a bedside table or end table, its colors were surprisingly versatile.

I have already hauled this table off for all the shoppers at Vintage Jane, but if you have a piece that you would like funked up a bit, just let me know!

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