Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy!

We had a class-filled afternoon at the studio this afternoon. The PreK-K classes started back up today along with our new Geography Society. It will definitely be a hit!

In PreK-K Art, we made mixed up magazine collages. Isn't it fun to see what comes of putting together various features from all different people. It turns out quite wacky! You can also do it with all different photographs of the same person. Kind of a unique and crazy memoir!

This week we did PreK-K Math and learned about the whole and parts of the whole by making our own puzzles. The kids drew pictures that covered the entire piece of paper and decided how they wanted it divided up. They figured out the more pieces you have, the harder it is to put back together! This is a neat idea if your kids like to make birthday cards and such. They make the card on a single side of cardstock and cut it up for the recipient to put together!

The Geography Society started off by making their notebooks and made their first graphic folder to put in it. We talked about the Earth's surface and the imaginary lines that divide it up. They showed what they had learned in their folder. Their notebooks are going to be a great tool to show others what they have learned. Each time they show it off, it refreshes their memory!

Check out our calendar to see what classes and events are coming up. Be sure to reserve your spot for this Sundays Holiday Card Making and Tuesday evening Mom's (or any adult!) Night Out. We will be making some cool "treasure" boxes to put your holiday cards or other treasures in. Grab your girlfriends and join us for a productive night out!