Tuesday, November 4, 2008

New Classes Started Today!

Our Winter Session started at the studio today. It's not to late to join us. If you missed the classes today, we can just prorate the session or join us for another class!

In Masters of Art with the younger crew we took a look at Van Gogh's works and tried out our own versions of The Starry Night with acrylics. They are using only primary colors along with black and white so they will become comfortable with creating their own colors.

The Science Club will be working on Mechanical Physics this 10 week session. It sounds like a lot, but they are excited about making some simple machines and using them for lots of experiments!

(Above artwork by Sarah, age 15)
Working on frottage is a new experience for most in the Drawing and Painting class. They took various rubbings and are using them to create a sort of collage. It is cool to be able to use things around and see them in a different way. This is a great class for older kids who have gone through our drawing classes or for adults wanting to try out some new stuff.