Friday, March 12, 2010

Senior Project in Progress

The last two weeks seem to have flown by, with me trying to get a grip on the moments as they whizzed past me. With classes ending, registration for the next session, summer camp sign ups, new employee training, and on, and on, I am looking forward to catching a breath this weekend.

One of the things from the past week that I enjoyed, was mentoring a high school senior for his senior project. Of course it is due this weekend, so his stress was my stress. I could see his uncertainty when he first arrived at the studio. He knew he wanted to do some pop art, just not sure of the specifics. So we narrowed down some ideas and he started making some decisions. Once this senior got started, he worked diligently until it was completed. I think he did a great job and was proud of what he accomplished!

Just one tip for this senior in the future, Don't wait so late next time! Lol.

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