Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Star Wars Paper Mache Fun!

We had a fun get together for a newly turned nine year old boy and a few of his friends today at the studio. He really likes Star Wars, so we decided upon these figures. They really got into it and were busy bees hard at work!
Anikan Skywalker in Paper Mache Form

This is also a great recycling craft project. We started off with a drink bottle with the cap removed for each child. They balled up some aluminum foil for the head and glued that on the top. We used wire for the arms, then layered on the newspaper strips coated in glue. The finished with a layer of paper clay on the head, paint, and glued on the finishing touches.

This is definitely something you can at home, just be prepared for a LARGE mess!

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carla said...

As the mom of the birthday boy, my son raved about his time there for the rest of the day! He even told me, "I had made a very wise investment to continue his art lessons there, because he had so much fun!" (exact quote)

Michelle @ www.FromArtToZebras.com said...

Your family is so sweet Carla! One of the studio assistants said she wanted to babysit your kids because she fell in love with them!

Kim @ seven thirty three said...

How cute! I would love if you would share your "glue" recipe.

Thanks for linking up today!

the thrifty ba said...

i have 2 boys and we are all about star wars in our home too! such a great idea1