Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Not Quite Crystal Clear...

I had fun making some of our Christmas gifts this year. I was trying to handmake or purchase handmade this season. I think I came out 50% not, lol. I think if I would have started further ahead of time I could have at least had 80% made. Oh well, something to work toward next time. :)

I really like making these "incognito" mugs. The kids and I were giggling each time we held them up. Kind of hard to look at someone drinking from it and not think they were a bit silly.

Then we just had to make more!

So I had lots of fun with these and I am in the process of making more. I wanted something a little more artsy as well, so I decided on doing some wine glasses. I found some stemless glasses that I had to have! I think they are so casually contemporary! They may not be for the wine connoisseur, but I think they can be used for so much. I would even use them as candleholders or a short vase.

Did you get a little crafty over the holiday season? Any ideas for the next holiday season? I am gonna keep my mind open, hands moving, and creativity flowing to see what we can do!

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DallyGirl @ Lifeat2810 said...

I found you over at Blogfrog and love your blog :) I am a homeschooler too and love to create things (or re-create things...). The glasses you made are great!