Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011, Another Beginning...

Yay! It's another new year! A fresh start, a new beginning. It is always so exciting for me to pull out the fresh calendar and new journal. The pages so crisp and waiting for all the plans. Of course, it is just another today; it will be another yesterday; so it feels a bit odd to put so much importance on the one day.

Each day should really carry that much importance. Each day is a new beginning. As I look over my resolutions, I try to remind myself of this. I try to cut myself some slack when I'm just too tired, or really need that peanut butter cup, lol. I can start over again tomorrow.

I try to just take each day at a time instead of a whole year at a time. It is just too overwhelming for me to look at the whole year. You never know what will happen or what the next obstacle or opportunity will be. If you plan so far ahead, it is almost like you are putting yourself in a bit of a rut. Put those things that are most important there, so they stay on top, and keep the rest a bit open to allow some spontaneity into your life.

But I do love the new pages! And for a little creative outing today, I got myself a yummy new art journal. Mr. NonCreative didn't understand why I was so excited about some rumbled, jagged pages aka handmade, molded, deckled edged paper with a woven hemp cover. Whatever, I LOVE this journal and can't wait to make my first marks in it in the morning! I hope you have found something to inspire you for the new year!

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