Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow, snow and more snow.

I know this isn't mush snow for a lot of you. And I grew up with much more. But for this area, not many are used to the snow and puts a scare into their hearts. The roads aren't cleared, no chains allowed, stores run out of milk, bread and snow materials, and schools and businesses close down. Just this little bit wreaks havok on our community.

Usually, if it is going to snow, it isn't here until February and March. But oh no, it had to start EARLY this year. And it keeps coming back for more! If I could curl up with my kiddos and not worry, I might welcome it more. But knowing my husband has to be out with the freaked out drivers and the fact that we own a business that makes no money when we have to close, snow is not a joyful sight.

I have a deep yearning for spring...

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Vanessa said...

this is the cutest sight. i really like your banner and the from art to zebras site also. i will check back in for you new posts.