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What to Wear Wednesday - stylish winter outerwear

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So I’m sitting here in my office, looking at a fresh 20 inches of snow, and wondering what my client will wear to our outdoor photo shoot this Friday. I’m thinking it will definitely involve a jacket. Probably some gloves. Likely a scarf. Boots for sure. Maybe a hat...

When an outdoor shoot is scheduled for cold weather, often this happens: You arrive wearing a random coat over your favorite I’m-wearing-this-no-matter-what outfit - throw off the jacket for pics - freeze to death - throw back on the jacket to warm up - take it off and try again - shiver and try to smile - rinse, repeat. Sounds like fun, right?

And then there are those who don’t want to deal with the cold at all, and opt to wait until the weather warms up - which here, might mean April or May.

I’m not a fan of either scenario, and there’s really an easy solution - bundle up, while also looking great!

Now I know some of you are lucky enough to live in a place where a snowplow contract isn’t the best investment you make each year, but that doesn’t mean a little cold-weather outerwear isn’t necessary. And we need to blow up this notion that by bundling up, you can't look absolutely outstanding.

But what to choose? Those tips we’ve been sharing with you - layers, color, accessories - are still key ingredients when it comes to putting together stylish outerwear for photos. And here's more:

  • I suggest staying away from straight white or black and opt instead for greys, browns, beige and color, color, color! I absolutely love bright yellows, pinks, greens and blues - the more vivid the better.
  • Since jackets can be expensive, don’t feel like you need to go and buy a trendy colorful coat that you’ll only wear once - especially for kids that will grow out of it in by next year. If what you already own fits you well (not some oversized thing you wear because it “goes over everything”), then keep it - and accessorize! Adding a hat, scarf or gloves can really make a huge difference.
  • If you warm up because everyone is hiking to reach that perfect photo spot, you may want to unbutton your jacket, so make sure the outfit beneath the jacket is photo-ready by looking over some past WW posts.
  • Vests look great over chunky sweaters or hoodies, and often come in a million different colors at a decent price (think Old Navy).
  • Leggings are another way to add fun color, and look great with boots over them. They also help you extend your fall wardrobe because you can wear them under skirts or dresses.
  • You can’t go wrong with jeans, so consider dark denim a winter wardrobe staple. Consider wearing them a little different by tucking them into your boots or rolling them up to meet the top of the shoes (especially cute for younger boys).
  • Still not warm enough? Throw on some long underwear, a thermal top, and an extra pair of socks! Pretend you’re dressing to go play out in the snow - just with style :-)

Below, I’ve put together outerwear ideas for a family of six. I only included one accessory for each person, but you can definitely add more. For women, I love chunky earrings peeking under hats, or a necklace you might only see if the jacket is worn open.

Bottom line: This is a wonderful time of year for outdoor photos! It doesn't take much to turn a drab day into a thrilling memory.


Outfit Guide


Double-Cloth Colletta Coat - $208 (on sale) - J.Crew

Sequinned Jersey Scarf - $28 (on sale) - Boden


Down Shirt Jacket - $99 - Eddie Bauer

Men’s Ribbed Scarf - $34.50 - Lands End Canvas

Young Girl:

Cosy Textured Coat - $35 (on sale) - miniBoden

Olive Green Beanie Hat - $9.00 - Etsy

Young Boy:

Detachable Hood Puffer Vest - $18.99 (on sale) - Crazy 8

Avocado, Cream, Mustard & Coffee Children’s Hat - $24.00 - Etsy

Baby Girl:

Faux-Fur Trim Hooded Jacket for Baby - $17.00 (on sale) - Old Navy

Gingerbread Earflap Hat - $5.99 (on sale) - Crazy 8

Baby Boy:

Jersey Duffle Jacket - $21 (on sale) - miniBoden

Stocking Hat - $28 - Etsy

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